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The 50th Anniversary of the Lobmeyr Metropolitan Chandelier 

Congratulations and thank you to Lobmeyr for the hosting a wonderful party, May 15, at The Metropolitan Opera in New York.  The occasion celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Metropolitan chandelier installation at the Metropolitan Opera House.  Each time I see them, I am always struck by the stunning beauty of these now iconic chandeliers.

blogPicture1blogPicture3The collaboration between Met architect Edward K. Harrison and Lobmyer owner Hans Harold Rath realized the Met and Auditorium Chandeliers, symbolizing celestial galaxies. These “Sputnik” shaped chandeliers, featuring nickel plated and brass rods and hand cut Swarovski crystals, reflect the modernist and space age design influence of the 1960’s.

Today, the Lobmeyr Met Chandeliers still embody a wow factor upon first seeing them.  They are the ultimate in luxury lighting and are still very fresh and contemporary in any design setting.

# MET, SEVENTIES folder_Page_07_Image_0002Over the years, Lobmeyr has collaborated with architects and artists for both their lighting and crystal collection. In addition to their incredible lighting, Lobmeyr is also renowned for their beautiful glassware collection. For example, our Lobmeyr hand-painted oriental glass tumblers have been in high-demand this summer.

IMG_5300I had the pleasure of attending the Lobmeyr celebration with the lovely Tori Mellott from Traditional Home Magazine.

If you are ever in Chicago, stop by and see our Met Auditorium Chandelier and our Met Sconce, installed in our show room.  We are also able to work with you to help create a stunning custom Lobmeyr chandelier.


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