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Kneen & Co is a connoisseur of luxurious home design. We are honored to work with the industry’s top interior designers and architects to provide our customers with the finest home goods of unrivaled quality. Kneen & Co specializes in décor, tableware concepts and custom lighting for any special setting—whether it’s a residence, jet, private yacht or boardroom. We also enjoy working on private and corporate events to share our carefully curated collections. From accessorizing your home to helping you find the perfect gift, Kneen & Co is a destination for those seeking an exceptional experience.

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Kneen & Co commissioned renowned Vienna-based glassware company Lobmeyr to create a special tribute to the Great Lakes. Based on Mark Braun’s original design, the Great Lakes carafe is made of Lobmeyr’s signature muslin glass and hand engraved with a beautiful satellite image of the Great Lakes. As part of our company efforts to bring awareness to the importance of the Great Lakes and access to safe water and sanitation, Kneen & Co is proud to support Water. Org and will donate 10% of the retail price of each “Great Lakes” carafe sold through 2015.